Friday, 30 September 2011

Charitable Shopper

When it comes to shopping, I am ashamed to admit that I posses absolutely all of the stereotypical female tendencies, most commonly: a love of shoes, a peculiar habit of trying on insane amounts of dresses (irregardless of having no intention of buying) and picking up anything that sparkles. Therefore my wardrobe is ever-growing, and nearly all of my wages go straight on a couple of t-shirts and maybe a necklace or two.

Goodness knows how much money I've spent in the last year on clothes, it would be no exaggeration however to say it was at least a thousand pounds. Yet do I honestly have a wardrobe to show for it? No I don't. Admittedly, but there are few exceptions to the rule of the highstreet: over-priced and bad quality. Yes, I got a few pieces this year which are simply gorgeous, as well as some everyday staples and a few hairbands, but most of it can only really be described as tat, which a coupe of other people always have anyway.

Then I discovered a wonderful place, where I can find jumpers and shirts almost identical to the ones I lust over in my favorite stores. I found a string of shops where I can get everything from genuine vintage pieces to high street outfits from a couple of seasons ago. I am of course referring to charity shops! - Now the only place where I ever buy clothes from...

Lucky for me, the small town I live in contains six charity shops for me to trawl around almost daily and at least weekly. Uncertain rummaging through rails and baskets of old handbags has put the fun back into shopping for me. Knowing that my clothes now have a history from before me is a weird feeling, as if my jumpers have memories, but it also makes me feel part of something more, like living history. Plus, everything's cheaper, I can buy so much more, and have so many new clothes now to showcase in sixth form!

It's also warming thinking about how, in this way I am contributing to the world around me. Every time I improve my wardrobe, I'm helping a charity to improve the life of someone less fortunate. For example, today, when I brought a vintage suitcase for three pounds, and a pair of never-before worn, tartan Dr. Martens, I was helping the elderly beneficiaries of Age Concern.

Good deed for the day? Done!

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