Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Haters gon' hate, but this is just ridiculous.

So, the British Embassy in Tehran was stormed today by Iranian students leading Anglo-Iranian relations reaching an all-time low. There were around 1,000 people gathered on the streets in front of it, waving photos of assassinated scientists, now I'd like to make myself clear: this isn't some detailed evaluation of diplomatic relations, nor is it some sort of historical analysis of their tense historical relationship. Instead, this is me being a bit freaked out by the hating directed at us at a nation.

Following the national outcry at Emma West's racist rantings in 'My Tram Experience' which has since led to her arrest, I think right now, Britain is showing it's best side. Now, I'm not going to go all 'England is the greatest country in the world' on you, that would be ridiculous. As a nation we have done many silly, stupid or downright bad things in our time, but really, who hasn't? And when for that matter did it justify burning our flag? Or burning the U.S. and Israeli flags too? I'm English and the U.S.A and Israel have done plenty of things to make me angry, but I do something constructive; I go visit Amnesty International's website and I sent letters to the appropriate people, along with thousands of others and you know what? We often get things done. Burning a flag however, symbolism aside, does nothing. It makes people cross, so what? It's going to change nothing, it will resolve nothing, they may as well have done nothing. 

But what really unnerved me was their chanting. I mean, 'death to England', really? So, I have two options here, I can take it literally: they want everyone in England to die. Including me, who's never done anything to offend Iran, neither have my friends, oh and all the children too, the ones who have done absolutely nothing. Yeah, that's really rational, makes loads of sense. Alternatively I can take it symbolically: so everything England stands for should go. So, no more queuing, no more freedom of speech, no more using a good cup of tea as a reasonable way of solving problems, no more attempts to make the world a better place, no more Royal family, one less safe haven for those around the world seeking asylum and no more fish and chips. They really should have thought this through a bit more and been a bit more specific about what they dislike, as now they just look a bit stupid. Also, stop these weird, overly large death threats, not only is it disconcerting, but it's also rather like an other the top, real life version of Formspring, and no one uses that anymore...


  1. indieerrrrrrrrr guess who i am :P ps used to work at debssssss :)

  2. So do they hate Wales too or is it just England? :P You'd think they'd bother to learn the real name of the country they seemingly hate so much

  3. anon: Pippa? :)
    either way, thank-you very much for reading! :)
    Harry: I get the impression they have little regard for actually justifying their arguments, or for that matter even thinking of a decent one to begin with...

  4. Heyyy india, this is pippa..who is indeed reading your blog but that comment wasn't me! :D