Saturday, 12 November 2011

Have we forgotten autumn?

Whilst I can totally relate to the sentiments expressed by Wizzard in the Christmas chart-topper, I can't help but think maybe Christmas does actually lose its appeal if celebrated too far in advance?  With many Christmas decorations up in shops I honestly feel it has actually arrived far too early this year.

Now, I'm no Scrooge by any stretch of the imagination, I thoroughly enjoy both my mug of mulled wine and all the associated cheer but with 41 sleeps until Santa at the time of writing this, perhaps it's not really too extreme a reaction. Whilst I can understand the shops competitiveness being a key factor, if they don't sell it first then a rival will have already catered for your customer's Christmas presents and that's a pretty hefty loss. Plus, in such a horrible economic climate little else holds such a hopeful message like Christmas does, with the messages of peace, hope, love and miracles, it's alludes to a bygone time where things were so much more simple. Shops are making me think about how much closer it is, as if it is something which could be any day now and we must prepare for its attack, as oppose to something of a set date and still over a month away.

I feel as if we are forgetting that November is beautiful too, because nature-wise, unless there's snow, there's little beauty to be found in the stark coldness of December. Yet in mid November there is still an abundance of colour and whilst there are no more pears to b found in my back garden, the lawn and trees are still littered with apples and the weather is still just about nice enough to enjoy. In fact, until I experience my first frost and hear the grass crunch under my boots on the way to school, I won't even say it's late November, no matter how early it gets dark.

So whilst I can't put off Christmas completely until December (as much as I would like to...) I'll settle with the idea of it as something coming soon, something to remember from the depths of the back of my mind and to smile excitedly about. Not coming tomorrow as certain adverts would try and have me believe...

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