Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Three quarters of schools closed and I ain't even mad

So today, along with 76% of England's schools, my teachers were off waving placards so I had no school. Admittedly I got absolutely loads done, it was great to catch up on some extra work, but I would have got through a bit more if I was at school. I do however, totally support them and protesting is the best way to show you disagree and demand change; to the point that I even let a teachers who got very snappy about me missing their lesson for a student fees protest explain to me their injustice and why they must protest.

I could never knock the work that teachers do. Children are horrible half the time and I still remember how moody and disruptive some of my classes were at secondary school (I still can't decide whether year nines or tens are more of a nightmare to control) yet, the majority of my teachers handled such situations brilliantly. I can see the life of a teacher being different in a school where Mummy and Daddy fork out thousands a term for their child to be educated in the best way money can buy, but in your average comprehensive resources are spread around people who want to do the very best they can, and people who really couldn't care less. My school wasn't the worst, far from it; my school taught and continues to teach me lessons both which can get me the grades I need to (fingers crossed) get into a good uni as well as how to be a decent person. I guess school's like anything else really, you only get what you take from it, and call me a nerd, a beaner (never quite understood that) or a geek, you really wouldn't be the first, but I've taken a lot from my time in education.

It's from striving to be top of the class at school that I learnt how the best things come to those who put in the extra hours, who struggle and really try to get to the top. Over the past thirteen years I've come across some of the most inspirational men and women: from Mrs Head who stressed the importance of hanging up your coat in the right place, Miss Cook who encouraged me to learn the recorder (don't think my parents will ever be able to forgive her for that) to later on, where Mr Hall encouraged me to get into politics and Mr Stead helping to develop my interest in philosophy.

So really, if my teachers think the government are letting them down and I have to have a day off every now and then for them to argue it out, well then so be it, they deserve the very best of retirements!


  1. don't forget Mr F who to this day has never titled a lesson after another student but you :p

  2. Oh Mr Fleming you are the only science teacher whose lessons I ever enjoyed! I also love how you accidentally had that lesson on my birthday too :P xoxoxo