Monday, 12 December 2011

You have 1 new voice mail. But Murdoch's already read it.

I think it's absolutely horrendous. It's going to take a very long time before journalism every receives that same standard of respect and that trust factor between the readers and writers is going to take a lot of effort to rebuild. I mean, my Dad read my texts once and I saw red well and truly, but if it was the News of the World I think it would be a whole different level. It really makes you wonder where it all went wrong; this has clearly been going on for years, I mean, it managed to turn into something which was standard, I mean it's not like Sarah Payne didn't cooperate with The News of the World...

It's been suggested many times now that I say something (or more accurately people have been demanding I do) about the phone hacking scandals. Don't worry guys, I know I'm not big-time (yet...!) but to be perfectly honest I really couldn't think of anything to say about it that hadn't already been said. Then repeated about three times! Seriously, it's morphing into the expenses scandal now, as in it's everywhere. All the time. I mean, I was interested and outraged and downright disgusted for the first week, the first month too I was bit like 'ugh' then as the trial's gone on every now and again I here something which'll make me feel annoyed but it's starting to feel like nothing is ever going to happen apart from hacked voice mails and maybe the odd economy may collapse...

I mean, I never read The News Of The World, I don't think I've ever read a tabloid paper for that matter... Call me a snob, but I'm more of a fan of real news, and that means something with a higher reading age than 10 and no naked women. Maybe that's where it all went wrong? We stopped asking for real news. We got preoccupied with Z-list celebrities, 'ladies' without bras and the only foreign affairs we cared about involved Big Brother Contestants. But think about it this way: if we stopped asking then they wouldn't worry about major snooping, if we told them we didn't really care about every single personal detail and all we really cared about was news then there would be less demand for Charlotte Church's Dad having an affair being sprawled all over the front pages.

Broadsheet's are bigger than tabloids; in every sense of the word.

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