Monday, 2 January 2012

PIP - Pretty Insensitive People

So, let me get this straight, 50,000 women in the United Kingdom may be getting their silicone boobs removed. But, then again, they may not. There's no increased risk of cancer from the implants. Well, that's a relief, that's probably the most potentially traumatic result of getting them done.

Except it's not really is it, I mean, imagine you're one of the women with PIP  breast implants. You've been conned, because in one of the most intimate parts of you, you've been pumped full of gel that was really intended for a mattress. This isn't just a waste of money, it's a betrayal, you now have something ridiculously inappropriate inside you. Plus, a massively increased chance of rupture. Seriously, what if you were just out and about and then you basically popped? That would freak me out, I think that would unnerve most people in all honesty...

It should also be taken into account as to exactly WHY women get this kind of surgery. In the majority of cases it's due to low self-esteem; not looking in the mirror and seeing a spot style insecurity, we're thinking persistent, confidence destroying self-loathing. Imagine catching your reflection in a shop window and wanting throw up you repulse yourself so much. Imagine getting jibes since secondary school mocking your lack of chest from your bustier friends, it won't be long before your own thoughts start to echo those. Few things can be more damaging than that little voice inside your head and now, these women were getting on track to loving their bodies.

But, more disturbing than that, at least 3,000 of these women had these implants put in as part of reconstructive surgery after breast cancer. This is supposed to be their road to recovery, they had to cope with one of the most definitive symbols of femininity taken away from them and now they have bits of mattress inside them which could pop at any time? That doesn't sound fair to me.

Who else thinks that the government should be popping these out before it all blows up?

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