Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Who even has £80 million spare anyway?

In these tough economic times, I think everyone has had to make some sort of sacrifice. We've all had cutbacks and with the prospects of further cuts in almost every in sector it seems that there's no sign of stopping. It's safe to say really, that everyone's a bit short of money at the moment.

So what would be more sensible than to propose a new yacht for the Royal family to sleep on when they're abroad? An eighty million pound yacht. Rather than using government project is set to be funded by public donations and companies, with two Canadian businessmen being the first to offer 10 million. Although, it would also serve as a training facility for young people as oppose to merely being a floating holiday home, but does that really justify such a huge cost?

Don't get me wrong, I think the Royal family's great! Whilst I still remain slightly bitter, nothing unified the country more than William and Kate getting married last April and the Queen's got to be up there with red post boxes and afternoon tea when people think of 'British' things. Undoubtedly, her upcoming Silver Jubilee will be a great cause of celebration for people across the UK and I'm sure there'll be street parties all over the place. But 80 million pounds? That's a lot of money. I can't even imagine that sort of money!

But I can imagine what it could do, how it could help. For example: a polio vaccination costs around 20-40 pounds, so that would be about 2 million vaccinations; 2 million children saved. Or 1, 231 wells created in the developing world, helping a lot of communities to survive and ultimately, to thrive.

Admittedly, whilst these are all undeniably worthwhile projects, none of them would really help Britain, and  the in case of such an British celebration, maybe I should be thinking about how the money could help our island. There are plenty of charities working hard to preserve our heritage so that we can all use and learn about it such as the National Trust. Or how about developing an educational resource available for everyone in the country to learn more about the history and impact of the monarchy? Or developing more green space to be enjoyed by entire communities? So many trees are cut down every day in the UK, think about how many trees could be planted with so money, as well as the obvious environmental benefits.

When you think about all of the other things which could be achieved, does 80 million pounds really seem OK for a boat which barely anyone will ever use?

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