Monday, 19 March 2012

So Girl Guides can paint their nails? We can do far more than that Mitchell!

I'm not sure how many of you read The Guardian, I do and I think it's absolutely brilliant! However I read this article by David Mitchell slating the Girl guiding movement and that was in no way brilliant at all. I thought it was such a terrible misrepresentation of a movement which does all it can to empower girls and women across the world and all the fantastic opportunities it has offered to thousands of young women like myself.

'Dear Mr Mitchell, 

As I read your article regarding the GirlGuiding movement, I must admit I was incredibly disappointed with your wildly inaccurate ideas about what Girl Guiding is all about and with what we do.

I'm now seventeen years old and first joined the Guiding movement aged seven as a Brownie. So, surely, after a decade of exposure to something which you describe as so dire and terrible, my life should revolve around buying industrial sized vats of blusher and catering for my many children. Particularly as (shock horror) I am still involved with the movement and to make matters worse I have been helping in a Rainbow Unit for nearly six years so I'm brain-washing little girls across the country to put their hair and shoes above everything else.
Except I'm not and Girlguiding is not like that at all.
When I was fourteen I went to Germany with Guides, there was, I must admit, a fair bit of shopping. But the majority of the trip was in no way urban as we spent it on a jamboree camping with other scouts and guides from across the world.
And now, this summer I am going to go to the Ladakh region of India where we will be climbing and helping build a school. A wonderful, once in a lifetime opportunity which I have due to my involvement with the guide rock climbing club. Yes, we might have perfectly painted nails, but we're not afraid to chip them and we've had those Rainbows up the wall as well thank-you very much. I also spent most of my Christmas holiday getting to grips with an ice axe and crampons in 70 mph winds, our hair was definitely ruined and none of us minded.
Can you get more out of doors than that?
So, whilst it's probably obvious that I have my knots badge, I think you should probably know that I am also a proud owner of a 'Glamorama Go-4-It'...

Thank-you for taking the time to read my e-mail
India Nunan

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  1. I think you have misread a satirical article.

    1. I honestly wouldn't mind it if there was some sort of balance... Personally I am a huge fan of his work, this however did in no way tickle my pickle.
      Girl Guiding UK is a charity and does so much good work, but so many people will walk away from that article only knowing that we have a chocolate Go-4-It and not about the adventurous, exciting things.