Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Chippenham's 5 minutes of flame.

Often, whenever something vaguely exciting happens in England, it is in London. As a small-town girl I don't really mind watching things happen in the city whose streets are paved with gold, but with the amount that happens there it sometimes feels like I'm watching something happen in another country. In fact, the last semi notable thing that happened where I live was the Queen's Golden Jubilee Tour where she, get this, got off the train at Chippenham train station and drove through. It was, without a doubt, probably the most exciting thing that has ever happened here; we all got the morning off school having made flags the day before and the streets were packed as people desperately tried to get a glimpse of the Queen. As she drove by in a car. And waved a little bit.

Put simply: when it comes to exciting things in England which aren't in London, not a lot really happens.

But 2012 is the exception as London hosts the Olympics. I'm not really a sporting person myself, to be brutally honest I have no interest in the Olympics (although I do quite like the winter games) but even I waved a flag this morning as I hoisted myself out of bed in order to see the torch parade down my street. I don't really understand a lot of things about the Olympics, for instance, why is McDonalds a sponsor? Hardly endorsing a healthy lifestyle really is it...? I don't even understand the rules of most of the events although I tend to gloss over that, which makes you wonder what could possibly prompt me bounding into my parents room, fully dressed at ten past seven (don't even muster this much energy on a normal school day!) to make sure they didn't miss any of the action.

It could have been the glorious sunshine, but I think it may have more to do with the sense of community I got today as I stood with townspeople of all ages watching some extra ordinary people run with the torch. It was a celebration of achievement on both a local and national level by all kinds of people cheering and whooping at once that, in an age where people talk more on Facebook chat and BBM than face-to-face, was actually quite nice.

If you're in England, are you going to see the torch or interested in the Olympics? What about those who aren't England based, does London 2012 mean anything to you?

Also, I know generally I don't have photos up here, but I think my patriotism today is expressed clearly in that photo (although I only have one chin usually).


  1. I felt proud of my community yesterday ... normally people keep themselves to themselves but the whole street was rammed as far as the eye can see in both directions. Fair play Redfield :)

  2. y did u dlete my commnt lol u scared of free speech smh

    1. She's only scared of your atrocious spelling.

    2. Obviously someone (the person who is clearly such a "badman") is just jealous of your awesomeness India! Also, beautiful photo, double chins and all. :D x

  3. I loved the half hour build up for 5 seconds of the flame :P